UAC Impacts

Key Highlights from UAC's Impact in 2013

1. Our network of 55+ partner organizations and programs served more than 150,000 children, youth, and adults this year. These services address the most important issues of our communities: free tax services, youth development, adult education, digital literacy, job training, small business development, anti-predatory lending, economic inclusion, HIV/AIDS prevention and other health-related services.

2. We managed the Freedom Rings Partnership, a $25M multi-year citywide initiative, in partnership with the City of Philadelphia, Drexel University, and over 50 other community-based organizations to connect low-income Philadelphians to the Internet. UAC exceeded all goals for the program, providing over 220,000 hours of training to 23,000 participants, distributing 5,000 netbooks to public housing residents, connecting 5,500 households to internet service in their home, and getting the word out through over 5M+ media impressions.

3. We partnered with the People’s Emergency Center to open a KEYSPOT computer lab at UAC’s downtown office and provided services to over 3,222 individuals this year.

4. Our Community and Economic Development (CED) division made 51 matching grants totaling $158,959 on behalf of the City of Philadelphia to homebuyers under the Philadelphia Home Buy Now employer-assisted housing program. This leveraged $10,952,395 in home purchases. CED organized 150 workshops in financial education for 1,353 participating including over 100 special workshops for high school students in partnership with the School District of Philadelphia and Citizens Bank.

5. Our Youth Division placed and supported 1,054+ low-income youth ages 14-21 in summer employment and 11% retained jobs year-round. We provided entrepreneurial training to 400+ high school students and supported the Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) by placing students through the Department of Labor Program.

6. Building on its earlier work to inform parents and caregivers about the schooling options through the Coalition’s Annual Charter School Directory, UAC partnered with the Philadelphia School Partnership to launch a city-wide, parent-focused resource website called This online resource empowers parents by making it easier for them to find great schools for their children based on quality indicators for more than 400 K-12 schools.

7. We worked with Brown’s Shoprite and more than 60 community organizations to provide 1,000 Thanksgiving baskets to 6,000 needy families.

8. Leveraging the Coalition's economy of scale, we invested in an online accounting and performance-based metrics system increasing the efficiency of both our Partner Program and our Fiscal Operations. This shift in expenses resulted in increased programming capabilities that translated into nearly 20,000 additional families positively impacted by the Coalition and its partners.

9. We hosted Financial Voices Radio, WURD 900 AM, every Thursday from 8:00-9:00 AM, providing financial advice to over 83,000 people every week. Now in its eight year, listeners get access to top financial experts and opinion leaders.

10. Over the last year, our Economic Development Division facilitated inclusion, which produced $287M in wages to minorities and women and $1.8B in contracts to M/W/DsBEs. As a result, minorities and women have wages have increased $6M in 2013.