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The Coalition understands that communities need strong grassroots leaders who will work toward sustainable change that reflects local concerns and visions. The UAC includes more than 75 grassroots organizations, and covers a wide range of partners and programs. As A Home for Nonprofits we strengthen nonprofits through fiscal sponsorship (cost-effective administrative and professional services) and capacity building.  


Partners in the Coalition

To serve as a community resource to provide homeowners, tenants, long-time residents, and newcomers with tools and the knowledge to work with the tools they need.


October 30, 2014
On Saturday, October 25, 2014, The Urban Affairs Coalition in partnership with The Philadelphia Writing Project and sponsored by Comcast presented Educating in a Digital Age: A Celebration of Writing...
June 20, 2012
Sharmain Matlock Turner offered wisdom and inpiration on the radio show, Executive Leaders Radio.  These webcast interviews explore profiles of top executives in the country. The show aired...
June 11, 2012
Last week, UAC held a meeting with its Program Partners to close out our fiscal year and to begin planning for the upcoming year. UAC provides financial management services and a range...


Looking for help? Our goal at the Coalition is to provide you with the best information and resources for learning, earning, working, and living in our community. For more information contact us.