• Economic Impact Analysis: Review the economic impact projects hwave on communities (may be pre- or post-project).
  • Project Assessment for Participation: Working with developers and owners to make sure Minority, Women, Disabled, and Local Business Enterprise (M/W/DS/LBE) projects are available.
  • Project-Opportunity Valuation: Working with developers and construction leads to identify inclusion opportunities.
  • Business Development: Assisting M/W/DS/LBE business development through educational workshops.
  • Customized Data Analysis and Reporting: Providing customized reports on and analysis of the success of a project's inclusion plan.
  • Data Mining: Updating and management of a comprehensive database of qualified M/W/DS/LBE businesses.
  • Outreach: Conducting outreach campaigns to keep M/W/DS/LBE business communities abreast of upcoming opportunities.
  • Assurance Monitoring: Reviewing bid proposals to determine the responsiveness of bidders to the project's inclusion plan