UAC's Annual Summer Intern Luncheon

August 2, 2013


UAC held its annual Summer Intern Luncheon as an official welcome to the Coalition family and an opportunity for UAC President Sharmain Matlock-Turner to meet all the young interns. The luncheon also served as an opportunity to have an open discussion about the recent Trayvon Martin verdict. Interns were able to be honest and express how they felt about the situation. During the Q&A, interns asked questions and shared their concerns about racism and how it affects everyone. Sharmain shared the importance of working together to drive change and create better communities.  Through an open dialogue, interns were able to feel empowered and inspired to make a difference.

The Intern Luncheon is just one of more discussions to come. UAC plans to keep having discussions about Trayvon Martin and other instances of injustice. As UAC President Sharmain stated, “We will continue the struggle!”