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January 24, 2013

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THIS THURSDAY January 24, 2013
Topic: The PA Land Bank Bill and How it Could Affect You!
Special Guest: Rick Sauer
Title: Philadelphia Association of Community Developement Corporation

Rick Sauer's Major Accomplishments

  • Holds a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning and Policy Development from Rutgers University-New Brunswick Rick has over twenty years’ experience in the non-profit housing and community development field, with a focus on policy and advocacy, and non-profit administration. 
  • Served as Executive Director of the Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations since 1999, a citywide association of community development corporations and other organizations working to create vibrant and diverse neighborhoods across Philadelphia that equitably meet the needs of all community members.
  • Prior to coming to PACDC, he was Associate Director of the Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey, a statewide association of non-profit developers
  • Formally the Assistant Editor of Shelterforce magazine for the National Housing Institute
  • A recipient of a 2007 Eisenhower Fellowship on Urban Challenges
  • Serves on a number of housing and community development-related boards and committees, including on the Board of Directors at UAC and is the Co-chair of the CED Committee also at UAC.
  • Mr. Sauer traveled to New Zealand and Australia to gain a comprehensive view of how different sectors are addressing their affordable housing and community development needs, while also advancing sustainable neighborhood revitalization.
Philadelphia Association of Community Developement Corporation (PACDC)
T: (215) 732-5829

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