Join #TBT #MyFirstJob Social Media Summer Jobs Campaign

May 7, 2015

It's Throwback Thursday (#TBT) and UAC is asking you to answer this question: Do you remember your first job?


Urban Affairs Coalition (UAC) is partnering with WorkReady Philadelphia to launch a weekly social media campaign that will align with the already popular social media hashtag #TBT (Throwback Thursday). The campaign will raise awareness about the importance and lasting impacts of summer jobs for youth in Philadelphia.


Here is how you can #SaveSummerJobs:

1. Post a photo of yourself at your first job or your current job using these hashtags: #TBT, #MyFirstJob, #PHLSummerJobs and #SummerJobsMatter

2. Include in your post the skills you've learned, a memorable story or express your thoughts on the important of early work experience

3. Share on social media 


Follow @UACoalition and @PYNinc on Twitter and join the social media campaign because #SummerJobsMatter.