Are You Prepared To Vote on November 5th?- Know the Facts, Cast Your Ballot

November 4, 2013


Next Tuesday, November 5 is Election Day in Pennsylvania and New Jersey!

The Coalition is committed to ensuring that you have the most accurate information when heading to the polls. The Voter ID law will NOT be in effect for the PA General Election on November 5. Voters will NOT need to show photo identification to vote. Identification is only required for first-time voters, individuals voting in a new division, and absentee ballot votes; however, a photo ID is still NOT required! Click here to learn more.


Do you know who's up for election? In PA voters will elect candidates for Superior Court Justice. Open positions in the City of Philadelphia up for election are City Controller, District Attorney, Judges of the Court of Common Pleas, Judges of Philadelphia Municipal Court, Majority and Minority Inspector. Open positions in New Jersey up for election are Governor, State Senator, and members of the General Assembly. Visit for full details about candidates and where to find your polling place!