Foreclosure Prevention

Foreclosure Prevention Resource Guide

The CED Foreclosure Prevention Resource Guide is designed to help professionals assist their clients in navigating the mortgage foreclosure process. The Guide provides up-to-date information relevant to the Philadelphia five-county region. The CED Department also offers speakers to community organizations, church groups, and senior citizens centers to address the topic of how family and friends can help others save their homes from foreclosure.

To arrange for foreclosure prevention workshops or to receive a hard copy of the Resource Guide, email Jojy Varghese, Community & Economic Development Director, at

The guide provides current information about the foreclosure process, homeowners' options, helpful resources, local and national housing programs, contacts, and sample legal notices. In addition, CED produces an easy-to-understand brochure entitled "The Slippery Slope of Foreclosure". The Fall 2012 Guide and the Slippery Slope brochure are available in both print and online on our Foreclosure Prevention Resource Center website at

UAC Foreclosure Prevention Task Force

In the spring of 2007, the CED Committee convened the interagency, multi-sector Foreclosure Prevention Task Force to respond to the foreclosure crisis in Philadelphia. Members include representatives from various banking institutions, a public interest attorney, and housing advocates from nonprofit organizations in Philadelphia.

The goals of the Task Force are to:

  1. Articulate a vision of what an effective foreclosure prevention system would be;
  2. Build consensus around recommendations to lenders, government, and nonprofits that would reduce the number of foreclosures through preventive and remedial strategies;
  3. Implement those strategies that are within the power of the CED Committee to do.

Since its formation, the CED Department and the Task Force have coordinated various activities such as organizing conferences at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and implementing a city-wide Mortgage Foreclosure Rescue Scam Alert campaign, in partnership with the City of Philadelphia and NeighborWorks America.

More Resources Regarding Foreclosure 

If you are at risk of losing your home or have received a foreclosure notice, call the City of Philadelphia's Save Your Home Philly Hotline at 215-334-HOME (4663). It is important that you see a housing counselor immediately so that they may assist you throughout the process. When you call the hotline, you will speak to trained lawyers and paralegals who can assist you with your case, connect you with a housing counselor, or, in certain instances, refer you to legal services available to eligible low-income homeowners. If you would like to learn more about foreclosure and how to prevent home loss, download the Slippery Slope of Foreclosure.

Not in foreclosure, but you'd like to learn about how to help someone you know who is losing their home? Download CED’s newest brochure Here and Now, Be Yourself Again to learn about the emotional trauma homeowners experience and how to manage that stress.