PEC Energy (and Money) Save Workshop

Event Details
March 26, 2015
People's Emergency Center (PEC)
3902 Spring Garden Street United States
Philadelphia, PA 19104

The People’s Emergency Center (PEC) will host their Energy (and Money) Saver Workshop on Thursday, March 26th from 7pm-8pm at the PEC’s West Philadelphia office and will teach people how to save money by saving energy in their homes. Instructors will demonstrate how to install self-help energy saving materials and will provide these materials free of charge to each household that attends. In addition, speakers will share information about rebates, tax credits and new programs, and provide referrals to existing energy conservation and assistance programs if needed written literature and printed brochures on energy saving techniques will also be available.  Bring an empty bag! For more information contact Freddie Losambe at 267-777-5823 or email