Economic Development Projects (EDP)

Who We Are 

Part of the Economic Opportunity Division, the Economic Development Projects (EDP) department acts as an independent consultant to influence wealth building policy by promoting business development and employment for minorities, women and community residents.

With over 30 years of experience, EDP consultants partner with project developers and owners such as hospitals, universities and museums to develop Economic Opportunity Plans. These Plans help clients award contracts to Minority, Women and Disabled Businesses (M/W/DsBE), and also assists in successfully employing women, minorities and residents of communities where projects are built.

Since 1983, EDP has generated over $6.7 billion in contracts awarded to M/W/DsBE, and more than $504 million in wages paid to minority and female construction site employees.


How We Work  

EDP’s economic inclusion initiatives are a catalyst that:

  • Increase and enhance the capacity of firms owned by minorities, women, the disabled, and local entrepreneurs
  •  Spark innovation and opportunities for new entrepreneurs
  •  Provide job opportunities and increase employment
  •  Implement a company's construction and development inclusion measures to reach expected goals

 EDP’s current projects and initiatives include:

  •  Comcast Innovation and Technology Center (Comcast Tower 2)
  •  The Fashion Outlets of Philadelphia (The Gallery)
  •  Philadelphia Museum of Art
  •  Building & Construction Trades Apprenticeships

For More Information Contact

Carlos L. Jones, Director

Phone: 215-851-1824, Email: